OBIEE How to Solve Unintended Logging Out From Dashboards or Answers

Story of the problem

After 2 months installing OBIEE on my business computer this problem occured. I was logging in successfully into the bi dashboards but when i clicked any answers or other link bi logged me out of the system.

At first hand i thought somehow i could have corrupt some configuration files. So i uninstalled and reinstalled OBIEE. But it was a shame that the problem did not "uninstall"...

At last surfing on some blogs and OTN I realized that the cause of the problem was my Windows Cache. I should have cleared it.

I cleared it and it was enough for getting rid of the problem.

Solution Steps

1. Clear your windows cache.

2. Enjoy life!


OBIEE Update All Row Counts Error

To verify if physical layer objects are compatible with the database schema objects you can use Update All Row Counts.

Sometimes you can get errors such below:

To get rid of the errors;

Check whether your physical table names and column names are the same as database tablenames and column names or not.

Check whether your physical select views’ sqls are correct or not.


Office 2007: Solution for documents loading very slowly.

It didn 't take long to realize when I installed Microsoft Office 2007 on my Windows XP, it took ages to load an excel or word document by double clicking on the file.

And this is the certain solution:

- Launch “Windows Explorer”
- Select Tools -> Folder Options
- Click Tab “File Types”

- Select item XLS (or Doc for Word files) in the list
- Click Button “Advanced”
- Select Open in the list

- Click button “Edit”

- Then add “%1” to the right most in the box “Application used to perform action:”
For Word it seems like this:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\WINWORD.EXE" /n "%1"
And Now My Word and Excel files load immediately.




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